How to transfer photos to a Memory Stick on a PSP

You can store photographs on your memory card and afterward utilize your PlayStation Portable, also called the PSP, to take a gander at them later or show them off to companions. You could even utilize it as a ultra-versatile workmanship portfolio.

Move Photos to a PSP Memory Stick

Moving documents takes brief period and setting up a versatile slideshow is basic on the PSP. You’ll require the accompanying:

  • PSP
  • PC
  • Memory Stick Duo or Pro Duo
  • USB link with a Mini-B connector toward one side
  1. Supplement a Memory Stick into the Memory Stick opening in the left half of the PSP. Contingent upon what number of photographs you need it to hold, you may require one with a bigger limit than the Memory Stick that accompanied your framework.
  2. Turn on the PSP.
  3. Fitting a USB link into the rear of the PSP and into your PC or Mac. The USB link needs to have a Mini-B connector toward one side (this plugs into the PSP), and a standard USB connector on the other (this plugs into the PC).
  4. Parchment and select the Settings symbol on the home menu of your PSP.
  5. Select the USB Connection symbol in the Settings menu and press the X button. Your PSP will show the words “USB Mode” and your PC or Mac will remember it as a USB stockpiling gadget.
  6. In the event that there isn’t one as of now, make an organizer called “PSP” on the PSP Memory Stick; it appears as “Versatile Storage Device” or something comparable (you can utilize Windows Explorer on a PC, or Finder on a Mac).
  7. In the event that there isn’t one as of now, make an organizer called “Photograph” inside the PSP envelope (on more current firmware forms, this organizer may likewise be classified “PICTURE”).
  8. Intuitive picture records into the PHOTO or PICTURE envelope similarly as you would spare documents in an organizer on your PC.
  9. Snap Safely Remove Hardware on the base menu bar of a PC, or by launching the drive on the Mac (drag the USB stockpiling gadget symbol into the refuse). Unplug the USB link and press the hover catch to come back to the home menu.

Sorts Images You Can View

You can see jpeg, tiff, gif, png, and bmp documents on a PSP with firmware form 2.00 or higher. On the off chance that your machine has firmware form 1.5, you can just view jpeg records. With ongoing firmware variants you can make subfolders inside the PHOTO or PICTURE organizer; notwithstanding, don’t make subfolders inside different subfolders.

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